Aaron and Isaac Baart are Completely Satisfied with our Staff and the Purchace of the 2006 Audi A4 on 9/21/2019.


Thank You


From Mike Wendt 

Empire Auto Sales You can be a Empire Buyer Too!

Tony even Likes Mike at Empire Auto Sales

Tony Stewart with Mike Wendt at Knoxville Iowa Nationals at a Charity Event of Tony's. We even got Tony's Chair he is sitting on here at Empire Auto. Great Guy! ThanksTony!

The 2-fer

Mike sold me and my sister a car on the same day, the cars we picked out were wonderful and in great condition. I had my car for just a few days when i was pulled over in another town for my tail lights being out. and when i say they were out, i mean there was some electrical issues that were causing them not to work. I told Mike about this and Mike stepped up and took care of my issue that i had. Him and his son Darin worked very hard on my car, and even gave me a nice loaner car to use to and from work while they were working on my car. They went the extra mile just to make sure i was satisfied with the car i purchased, and now i'm even more satisfied knowing that i had a couple of great guys looking out for me and willing to put in extra work even after the car left the lot. This all started as me just buying another car, but i turned into a Empire Auto Lifer because of the way Darin and Mike treated me. These guys will give you 100% no matter what, and they'll keep treating you like that even after the cars left the lot. I'll reccomend Empire Auto to anyone I know looking for a great deal, and a great car :).

Best Of The Best

This place made it so easy to buy my first pickup!! I was looking for and older Toyota and Empire Auto was the only place in town that had one out of cars.com, auto trader, etc. etc. I found him through carfax.com it just happened to be the exact year,color,size, and have all the extras too I had it only a week but encountered a small problem which could of been easily over looked and not only did he fix it he also paid for the part I was charged nothing YEAH. Plus Mike and his employees are super nice and returned phone calls promptly. I am a big STAR WARS fan and I can say I found MY TOY YODA at the EMPIRE.

Great car!

My Audi A6 is wonderful! I love all its features and the staff made sure, and was willing, to go through anything I didn't know about the car. They were friendly and it was a great experience, I will definitely be recommending Empire Auto Sales every time! Thank you!

2006 BMW 325Ci

I'd like to begin by saying that I absolutely LOVE this car. Since buying it, I've driven five thousand miles in less than two months and I have no intention of stopping, value be damned! I'm going to drive this until it disintegrates under me and I'm on the pavement. With regard to Mike and the guys at the shop, I found them to be awesome. Mike made me a great deal with terms I found comfortable and every time I've had a question (because it's a German car and I've never owned anything that wasn't American before) he's done his best to find an answer for me...versus the 2k the BMW dealership would charge me to find out. Not only would I recommend these guys to my friends, I already have. My next automotive purchase? Already know where I'm going and look forward to it. Real car dealers -the kind that don't try to give you something hidden behind smoke and mirrors -are a rare thing. Mike and company are definitely under that banner and represent it well. But you never know until you try it for yourself. Benjamin Guinn - 6/4/2015

Survey of Kevin Smith

Please read the attached Survey done by Moments to Remember USA. 

Suzie Mosley

I just purchased a 2005 Chrysler 300 c. I am so happy with it an the several purchases I have made.I luv it when Mike knows exactly what I want and no hassles. Every thing with buying a vehicle went so fast an easy,The next thing I knew was I got a nice car. Thanks for all the help and the car..


Just what the doctor orerded, thankity you!

best place in the US to buy from

I bought my vehicle from nothing but a picture and a conversation over the phone with the owner Mike. He was completely honest and trustworthy. His vehicles are quality and I love my new car. If you need a vehicle only go to Mike. I drove almost 500 miles to get mine and it was worth every mile. Thank you Mike

Empire Auto Sales is the place to go!!!

The owner Mike is a man that can be trusted! He sold me my vehicle two years ago and I have not had any major problems. Empire Auto Sales is the place to go when you need a great car, van, or truck. If you can't believe what I have typed come see for "YOURSELF."

Mary P.

Great Deal on My CAR!

Empire Auto Sales

work 605-339-2225

Great Deal on My car!

We went there off the website www.empireautosf.com and seen a sports car we wanted and loved it. Friendly Man there, with racing car interest and had sign on wall ( Jesus Christ ) we really liked that. don't see that at all usually. The Camaro was fast, fun and He gave me a free 90 day warranty too. we talked a lot and had a fun time there. On the wall was a story about how Empire Auto's Mike Wendt was the only used car dealer appointed by Governor to Special task force to catch crooked car dealers! WOW! He really cares about His customers and others too. Well, thanks again Mike, and Empire Auto Sales

February 07, 2008 by Louise K. in Sioux Falls, SD

Thank you!



April Love's her new Jeep Grand Cherokee!

To: Empire Auto Sales

 I love my jeep and so does everyone else. I bought a cd, ac/dc back in black, the kids talked me in to getting it. Next I am going to buy guns and roses. I never had a C/D in player in a vehicle before. It was so nice to go to work today and not be worried about the weather, normally I would have stayed home to scared of the weather that was coming. The other day I was bragging about the wonderful service and you worked with me on the price, someone had rubbed off some dust where your your business card was on the paper license plate to see the address. At first I thought it was creepy, but after I seen what they were looking at, I took it as they liked my truck and wanted to know where I got it. Thank you so much Brandon wore his T-Shirt right away and my daughter took mine and wore it right away when I got home from work they were all three sitting on the couch warring your shirts. I think you will get plenty of advertising from us. Thanks again you made a scary situation very pleasant. when your a women we always think we are going to buy the wrong thing. I have to take the kids to my mothers house I cant wait until I see her face when I pull up in my new truck.